Our vision


The Mama-Adama project,

A peaceful farm between mountains where you can slow down and find your connection to life.

we organize a few times a year variety of retreats to create a better and friendly network between each other.

We as friends can gathering together to learn how to exchange our experience and profession voluntarily .

We want to learn that creating is not always about money but we can reach so much more by sharing your profession on a voluntarily base.

in the near future we will work together with kids and adults that have Down Syndrome and other special needs and saving animals lives from the meat industry



Founding Principles


  • To deepen our inner listening, and then to act from that source of wisdom
  • To constantly shape our self-development
  • To be co creative with the intelligence of nature by building our water project to heal the nature that in risk and to invite more animals to the natural water sources.
  • To provide a service to the world and every life in it.

How we express these principles continues to change and grow, reflecting in both the evolution of the consciousness and the community and the needs of the world around us - locally and globally.


Meditation in its various forms – such as sitting quietly, singing, dancing and being in nature - enables us to connect with and listen to our inner source of wisdom. We achieve self-development through meditation, yoga and healing ceremonies. As our service to the world, we aim to pioneer, inspire, demonstrate, encourage, learn from and share our experiences.



Yariv Paz

was born in 1976 in Haifa, Israel.

As a young adult his first experiences with international cultures stemmed from working in Asian cookery, Yariv was eager to learn more of their culture, food and way of life and , after completing his studies, he traveled to and worked in the USA before pushing deep into the far east.

Fascinated by the Asian culture, he stayed to study martial arts and healing massage techniques. Yariv´s path then pushed through Laos and Cambodia before settling in Thailand where he developed a lifelong love for spirituality and meditation.

Nearing the end of this journey Yariv found his life partner in The Netherlands. After their marriage they welcomed their son into the world in 2004. He then became a Theta-healer to help people with life issues. Together with coordinating several Eco friendly initiatives in Amsterdam, He is actively developing the Mama Adama aquaculture village in Portugal.



Would you like to develop your own project in Portugal?
We can support you


One of the biggest challenges that we can see and feel for the last few years is the need of many people to slow down to enjoy the experience of the connection to every aspect of live and to connect to the natural rhythms that guide us.

in many places we hear about small farming projects and communities.

Why Portugal?

To choose Portugal is to choose an exciting country, in the West Coast of Europe, to invest and buy high quality services and products. It is also the choice for a privileged, geographically strategic location, ideal for those seeking to supply the European market or expand their businesses to other parts of the world.

Portugal has great logistic and communication infrastructures with connections to major cities by air, land, sea, road or railway and our communications and telephone systems are known as one of the best and more advanced in the world. The success of a project is also shaped by the quality of its human resources. In Portugal we have a highly skilled and talented workforce available with additional 100 thousand graduates joining the labor market briefly. Portugal is an innovative country with a friendly economic environment and diversified regions. A wide range of services are available online to help you set up your company and tools available to advice you about the best location for your project, fees and taxes, water and ground quality, And, of course, Portugal is not only a good country to invest but also a desirable place to live. You can find sunshine in most of the days helping you feel motivated and productive.


would you like to set up your own project? we can deliver your vision, we manage projects, save time and diminish the risk in the investment.


Our project Management serves will allow the added value of your property with minimal involvement. we integrate the various nature of the land and the building. we offer an integrated knowledge of the different business areas within the real estate consultation and specific services before buying the property to have the overview of your investment.


For more information please contact by mail




We welcome volunteers!

Are you interested in working with us and staying on the beautiful land of Mama Adama? During the process of building the Eco village we are looking for volunteers who like to work in the garden, weeding, turning the earth, experienced with composting, planting and irrigation system, Eco friendly construction and permaculture, but it's most important that you have a hands on mentality and like to live in a rural natural environment and are open minded.

We created a wonderful volunteer-program. You can help on the land to clean the garden, planting trees and help in the kitchen. In return you can stay on the land with us and enjoy the nature and activities.

Please contact us and let us know your motivation, expertise and availability: info@mama-adama.pt



Alternative energy

Alternative energy solutions – olive waste renewable energy

In search of ecological, inexpensive and efficient means of heating for homes and industries, olive waste is most effective. It’s a totally green product, all natural, without any glues or chemicals, manufactured from organic olive press waste then solidified into high quality heating logs that contain 2,5 times more energy than an equivalent amount of wood. It's a great alternative energy source for those with wood-burning stoves

It’s unique technology allows for the exploitation of the pomace that remains as solid residue during the olive oil extraction process to be transformed into a high quality heating material. This technology facilitates the manufacturing of heating bricks, utilizing a process significantly less expensive than any method currently in use, and utilizing an organic material that in, and of itself is liable to cause environmental pollution.

This product is an excellent alternative to wood and oil fuels and provides better results in most parameters such as:

  • Heat yield per unit volume,
  • Ease in use
  • Storage shelf life
  • Timely supply and availability
  • Help to reduce cutting down trees
  • The residue left behind can be used as fertilizer in home gardens
  • The product price is less expensive than that of wood and in measuring price per energy unit it is - better than all other heating materials (including oil fuels)



Yoga retreat

Our Yoga retreat weeks include two daily yoga classes, guided silent meditation, movement meditations and mantra chanting.

The yoga classes focus on creating harmonious connections between the breath, the body and the mind. Classes are taught with a keen sense of technical precision, a light heart and gentle humor.


Raw Food Retreat


Detox and De-Clutter Your Life - A Raw Food Diet Retreat

Considering a change of lifestyle? Want to improve your well-being on the levels of body, mind and spirit? Offering a 'whole-is-tic' approach to life, this retreat incorporates physical, mental and spiritual practices that will support you in making conscious lifestyle choices that nourish your body and soul.

Knowing that food affects our mood and health, we will explore:

  • the basics and nutritional benefits of the raw kitchen and lifestyle
  • eating patterns and what is important for you
  • which foods make you feel good/not so good
  • how to make a transition to a mostly raw food diet
  • menu planning, food preparation and the creation of interesting dishes
  • the value of water
  • the permaculture vision of food and life


On the mental level:

  • clear the way forward for your year ahead
  •  consciously create a dream board and welcome your dreams into reality with personal action plans.
  •  live the dream and learn to be okay with what is along the way.


Eco village

Our Eco village Experience Week is the best way to find out what it's like - seven days that can change your life and your world. It is the ideal way to meet, engage with and share in this ever-evolving journey of community living.

We offer various programmed including spending four mornings in one of our service departments - the gardens, kitchen, dining room, home-care or maintenance. This will give you many opportunities to experience our practice of ‘love in action’, and to interact with other people in the community.

The week also includes meditation, sacred dance, a nature outing and being part of a supportive group, all combined with laughter, love and new ways of being.

Our aim is to create an environment that enables you to deepen your connection with all of life, and to open up to transformation within yourself and the group.


All of these elements are also part of the themed Experience Weeks we offer.



Mandala retreat

A Sacred Retreat - Explore Your Soul Through Mandala Painting

Mandala is an ancient symbol for wholeness and harmony. This workshop invites you to explore your soul through mandala painting. The practice of painting is joyful, healing and meditative. Through guided meditations we'll contact our creative source, the inner artist that resides in us all. This week will give you the tools to use the mandala as a path of self-discovery and artistic development.



Creations in Nature

In the Creations in Nature week we'll go out to the beach, the river, the woods and the bay and use the landscape as canvas for our art. As a way of meditation we'll follow our intuition and use light, shadow, time and tides to experience the natural process of creating, raising beauty and finally letting go again.

Our art material: rocks, stones, sand, clay, shells, stranded wood, leaves, berries… and the precious moment.