to Mama Adama awareness centre! Mama Adama means 'Mother Earth'.
     Currently Mama Adama lies as an untouched allotment of land
     in the region of Alentejo in the central-south of Portugal.
     Founder Yariv Paz aims to realise his dream:
     a spiritual awareness centre & eco village.

     In the 1,5 -2 years to come, this beautiful village will arise,
     offering a creative home to people from all over the world who want to live in harmony with nature while developing their full potential as human beings on this planet.

Mama Adama offers a variety of activities for visitors,
such as yoga, meditation, healing and detox retreats.

     Check our news page to follow the tranformation process and to see what events we already offer on the land in Portugal and in the The Netherlands.

     Do you want to help us realise the dream? We created a wonderful volunteerprogram,
     you can help on the land to clean the garden, planting trees and help in the kitchen,
in return you can stay on the land with us and enjoy the nature, meeting other volunteers and discover your own development .

     As a non-profit organization we gratefully accept donations.
     Buying something in our shop also contributes.

     During the transitional period,
we are looking for experts in permaculture / landscape and eco friendly builders
     that can help to build with earth and other materials from the nature.

     Please contact us.

     Email: info@mama-adama.org







Monthly contemplation

"when i let go of what I am, I become what I migth be"

Leo Tse