Incense resin Myrrh (Kenia)

€ 6,50 (including VAT 21%)

Element of Earth – connected with feeling. The most famous resin and used everywhere as a spiritual incense. It has a magnificent, contracting effect. Works against all kinds of mental/spiritual contamination and decay. It has very powerful anti-sceptic powers. For rest and relaxation, opening, regenerating, harmonising, grounding, protecting. Eases release of suppressed feelings. A.o. in ancient Syria, Myrrh has been since time immemorial an expression of purity and fertility.

To be used in charcoal burners, and on our special incense burner sieves. In those burners, the burning process will be slower than on charcoal. You may readily mix this incense with other kinds, provided you will use a slightly larger burner.
Available are also a fitting pair of tongs to safely kindle the charcoal, another pincer for picking up the sieve, a wire brush for cleaning the sieve, and a wild turkey feather for dispersing the scent. A separate 125 mm sieve will fit fine on one of our oil burners when the cup is removed.


Weight grams 20