Founding Principles

The founding principles of our community are:

  • To deepen our inner listening, and then to act from that source of wisdom

  • To constantly shape our self-development

  • To be co creative with the intelligence of nature by building our water project to heal the nature that in risk and to invite more animals to the natural water sources.

  • To provide a service to the world and every life in it.

How we express these principles continues to change and grow, reflecting in both the evolution of the consciousness and the community and the needs of the world around us - locally and globally.


Meditation in its various forms – such as sitting quietly, singing, dancing and being in nature - enables us to connect with and listen to our inner source of wisdom. We achieve self-development through meditation, yoga and healing ceremonies. As our service to the world, we aim to pioneer, inspire, demonstrate, encourage, learn from and share our experiences.