Yariv Paz

Yariv was born in 1976 in Haifa, Israel.

As a young adult his first experiences with international cultures stemmed from working in Asian cookery, Yariv was eager to learn more of their culture, food and way of life and , after completing his studies, he traveled to and worked in the USA before pushing deep into the far east.

Fascinated by the Asian culture, he stayed to study martial arts and healing massage techniques. Yariv´s path then pushed through Laos and Cambodia before settling in Thailand where he developed  a lifelong love for spirituality and meditation.

Nearing the end of this journey Yariv found his life partner in The Netherlands. After their marriage they welcomed their son into the world in 2004. He then became a Theta-healer to help people with life issues. Together with coordinating several Eco friendly initiatives in Amsterdam, He is actively developing the Mama Adama permaculture village in Portugal.