Bio Black tea Assam

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Content:  100gr.

Black tea Assam - Camellia sinensis Like green tea, black tea comes from the tea bush (Camellia Sinensis).

However, black tea undergoes a different fermentation process than green tea, resulting in a dark color. Assam is an important tea area in India that extends over the Brahmaputra valley from the Himalayas to the Bay of Bengal. Assam tea has a speckled brown and gold leaf known as "orange" when dried. The taste is robust, clear and malt stimulating and is the ideal cup of tea for the whole day. A lot of black tea with flavors is based on Assam. 

Preparation: For 1 cup of tea, pour 1 teaspoon in boiling water and leave to brew for at least 2 minutes.  This tea is suitable for everyday use.

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