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Tara Buddha Healing Singing Bowl

€ 125,00 (including VAT 21%)
Size cm 25
Weight grams 1600-1800


Singing bowl with an engraved image of the female Buddha White Tara on the inside, and tara mantras on the in and outside.
Rubbing sticks are to be ordered separately.
The mentioned diameter is to give an indication. The scales are manufactured manually and so the diameter can vary.

Singing Bowl White Tara - Purification
This beautifully engraved singing bowl is being used during ritual purification of personal circumstances or situations, as well as for purifying planetary influences, with the help of the female Buddha White Tara, who is portrayed at the bottom of this bowl. By the powers of visualization and recitation of the White Tara mantra, one is capable of obtaining an intense purification, and to heal illnesses on a personal and universal level. The White Tara mantra is: OM TARE TUTARE TURE MAMA AYUR PUNYE GYANA PUSHTIN KURUYE SOHAM. Of course you can also use this singing bowl in your regular way when working with sound. 


Material Metal
Material Bronze