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Saraswati Healing Singing Bowl

€ 144,00 (including VAT 21%)
Size cm 26.5
Weight grams 2000-2200

Singing bowl with an engraved image of the female Buddha Saraswati on the inside, and tara mantras on the in and outside.
Rubbing sticks are to be ordered separately.
The mentioned diameter is to give an indication. The scales are manufactured manually and so the diameter can vary.


Singing Bowl "Saraswati, patroness of the plastic arts"
At the bottom of the singing bowl, a portrait of Saraswati is engraved. She is the patroness of creativity, plastic arts and artists. By activating creativity, a female energy which is dominant in the right brain hemisphere, we may bring more balance into our lives, which is generally dominated by mental, left hemisphere, kind of energy. So this singing bowl is pre-eminently used during sessions with importance to “balancing”, and creativity needs to be stimulated. The mantra of Saraswati is: Om Ah Guru Buddha Saraswati Siddhi Hrim. Of course, the singing bowl may be used in any other way needed or wished for.


Material Metal Bronze