Pearl PBJVR-14/699 Rope Tuned djembe Molten Scarlet 14 inch

€ 185,00 (including VAT 21%)

In the wide assortment of Pearl djembe's can not be missing. The Rope Tuned series has a wide sound range and can be used as a solo instrument, but also in percussion groups. With a field diameter of 14 inches, this is the largest model in the series. Yet it is lightweight because the boiler is made of plastic. Because that boiler has no seams, it also has no weak spots. Moreover, this material is not sensitive to fluctuations in temperature and air humidity. This can also be said of the synthetic sheet, which gives the same playing feeling as an animal sheet. The combination of a rope covering and the Molten Scarlet finish gives this modern djembe an authentic look.


Djembe / drum height 66 cm

Weight 6 - 10 kg

Weight and dimensions including packaging

Weight (incl. Packaging): 5.8 kg

Dimensions (incl. Packaging): 41.0 x 70.0 x 41.0 cm