Meinl KA5-S Kalimba small natural

€ 25,50 (including VAT 21%)

The kalimba is a musical instrument with its origins in Central Africa, where it is often used. But this special instrument is also becoming increasingly popular in the western music world. The kalimba is also known as a thumb piano and belongs to the lamellophone category. A lamella is a musical instrument in which the sound is made by the resonance of metal bodies and the sound box.Meinl Kalimba KA5-S: five tones This compact kalimba is made of rubber wood, a Brazilian type of wood, and has five steel bars (tongues) of uneven length, and therefore of uneven pitch. The tongues are plucked with the thumb, and it owes its name to the thumb piano. The natural finish of the Meinl KA5-S kalimba has an ergonomic shape and the tongues are extra wide. This provides more game comfort. The comb is made of sturdy chromed steel.


Number of tones 5

Type of melodic percussion kalimba

Weight and dimensions including packaging

Weight (incl. Packaging): 100 gr

Dimensions (incl. Packaging): 11.0 x 9.0 x 4.5 cm