Meinl PMDJ1-L-G Djembe African Large Travel Series

€ 189,00 (including VAT 21%)


Meinl has designed various djembés in the Travel Series, including the PMDJ1-L-G. This djembé looks like the PMDJ1-L-F but has a 12 inch goat skin. The boiler is made of synthetic material and is extra light in weight. Furthermore, this material ensures that the djembe is resistant to weather influences and is very suitable for outdoor performances. The bottom is provided with a rubber ring to prevent scratching the instrument.Meinl PMDJ1-L-G: easy to tune This Meinl PMDJ1-L-G Pharaohs Script Large djembe features a hand-selected goat skin. Meinl guarantees high quality with this. The natural skins provide a traditional sound and an authentic African appearance. The pitch of the instrument can be adjusted as desired thanks to the mechanical tuning system. You can use this system even while playing to change the pitch. The djembe has a red finish with Egyptian painting.



Product FeaturesKind of djembe / drum djembeMaterial djembe /

drum plasticSize playing surface 12 inchRope

tensioning noMaterial sheet goat skinIncluding cover no

Color red Djembe / drum height 61 cm

Weight 0 - 5 kgWeight and dimensions including packaging

Weight (incl. Packaging): 1.3 kg

Dimensions (incl. Packaging): 64.0 x 35.0 x 35.0 cm