Meinl ADJ3-M Earth series djembe medium size including bag

€ 195,00 (including VAT 21%)

The ADJ3-M from Meinl's Earth series is a medium-sized djembe and has a full and warm sound. The latter is partly due to the drum skin that is made from hand-selected goat skin. This sheet is prestressed in the traditional way with HTP nylon thread, using the Mali Weave Tuning System. With this system you are assured of a long-lasting mood of the drum. The ADJ3-M is cut from a solid piece of mahogany that has been harvested on a special plantation. The djembe is beautifully decorated with carvings that, together with the black and brown color, are reminiscent of recently plowed earth and corn fields. To ensure that you can safely transport your djembe, you will receive a professional djembe bag from Meinl.


Product specifications


    traditional African wooden djembe percussion instrument

    large variant

    drum skin from hand-selected goat skin

    traditional rope tension system

    prestressed with HTP nylon cord

    cut from solid mahogany wood (grown on plantation)

    with decorative carvings

    diameter drum head: 10 inch

    dimensions: 370 x 370 x 590 mm (WxDxH)

    color: black with brown

    weight: 8 kg

    including professional djembe bag