St John's Wort incense herbal

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St John's Wort incense herbal


St John's Wort, Klamath weed (Hypericum perforatum). Grows in meadows, roadsides and bushes, on rather dry ground. Traditionally it was used to ward off witchcraft and devilry.

Is mainly used to mix with other kinds of incense. Enhances the intensity of the combined fragrance.

Natural incense to use for various purification rituals and/or to clear obstacles from the aura. Intended for burning on charcoal or a special incense burner - see elsewhere in our list. Also available: a brush to clean the sieve, tongs for handling the charcoal and sieve, and a wild turkey feather for spreading the incense aroma. There is a special sieve of 125 mms that fits an essential aroma burner, if you remove the cup.


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