Sandalwood (white) incense herbal

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Sandalwood (white) incense herbal

Sandalwood White (Santalum album). Element of earth - most effective on feelings.

Grows mainly in India (Mysore). Only after 20 years of age, this favoured scented hardwood comes into being. Beloved all over the world and in all religions, it has found its place in ceremonies and rituals. For spiritual and sensual support, works centering, harmonising, enhances meditation, grounding, aids with transformation processes towards a better incarnation. Will support and re-establish our natural connection with Earth. Diminishes fear & selfishness, offers inner power. May be mixed very well with almost every other kind of incense.


Natural incense to use for various purification rituals and/or to clear obstacles from the aura. Intended for burning on charcoal or a special incense burner - see elsewhere in our list. Also available: a brush to clean the sieve, tongs for handling the charcoal and sieve, and a wild turkey feather for spreading the incense aroma. There is a special sieve of 125 mms that fits an essential aroma burner, if you remove the cup.


Weight grams 11
Content ml 30

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