Our vision

We lean on the differences we would like to make in this world and listen to the deepest part of our being, together with cooperating with nature and each other, we all create a positive and bright future for all to enjoy.

Our vision is to unfold a new human consciousness and to create a positive and sustainable future through our spiritual community, Eco village and international center for holistic learning.

Mama Adama offers a creative home to people from all over the world. The community has no formal doctrine or creed, we practice the timeless and essential values common to all the world’s major religious paths.

A greener and warmer way of living

In our village, we explore new ways of living that promote:

•           Inner listening and self-knowledge.

•           The development of peaceful and more understanding relationships with all walks of life.

•           Working together with nature, to learn how we can heal the trees that are in risk.

•           Sustainable living on all levels.

In all our activities we put spiritual values into practice and demonstrate new sustainable ways to live. We are a learning community for personal and social change. In cultivating an eco village we create a culture of peace through our commitment to open and honest interactions, food growth, recycling, meditating and exploring alternative economic systems.




The collective objective



In visiting our village, it's clear that the community’s impact on a positive future is expressed in everything around you. Shared beliefs and ethical values are the very foundations on which we have built this future, it flows through the people who live here, and in the visitors that's leave with fresh inspiration and confidence in possibilities to make a difference, every moment, every day, everywhere. Our future is in our own hands, It's warm and easy to share.