Raw Food Retreat

Detox and De-Clutter Your Life - A Raw Food Diet Retreat

Considering a change of lifestyle? Want to improve your well-being on the levels of body, mind and spirit? Offering a 'whole-is-tic' approach to life, this retreat incorporates physical, mental and spiritual practices that will support you in making conscious lifestyle choices that nourish your body and soul.

Knowing that food affects our mood and health, we will explore:

  • the basics and nutritional benefits of the raw kitchen and lifestyle

  • eating patterns and what is important for you

  • which foods make you feel good/not so good

  • how to make a transition to a mostly raw food diet

  • menu planning, food preparation and the creation of interesting dishes

  • the value of water

  • the permaculture vision of food and life


On the mental level:

  • clear the way forward for your year ahead

  •  consciously create a dream board and welcome your dreams into reality with personal action plans.

  •  live the dream and learn to be okay with what is along the way.