Alternative energy

Alternative energy solutions – olive waste renewable energy

In search of ecological, inexpensive and efficient means of heating for homes and industries, olive waste is most effective. It’s a totally green product, all natural, without any glues or chemicals, manufactured from organic olive press waste then solidified into high quality heating logs that contain 2,5 times more energy than an equivalent amount of wood. It's a great alternative energy source for those with wood-burning stoves

It’s unique technology allows for the exploitation of the pomace that remains as solid residue during the olive oil extraction process to be transformed into a high quality heating material. This technology facilitates the manufacturing of heating bricks, utilizing a process significantly less expensive than any method currently in use, and utilizing an organic material that in, and of itself is liable to cause environmental pollution.

This product is an excellent alternative to wood and oil fuels and provides better results in most parameters such as:

  • Heat yield per unit volume,

  • Ease in use

  • Storage shelf life

  • Timely supply and availability

  • Help to reduce cutting down trees

  • The residue left behind can be used as fertilizer in home gardens

  • The product price is less expensive than that of wood and in measuring price per energy unit it is - better than all other heating materials (including oil fuels)